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State laws already permit compensation, and litigation on these is inevitable. The NCAA has already threatened to challenge a new California law, arguing that such laws "burden interstate commerce" in college sports. Plainly, the NCAA misses the irony of insisting that student athletes must remain amateurs to sustain a multibillion-dollar industry in college sports.

Dubious providers of educational offerings or operations that offer certificates and degrees that are considered bogus. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation is providing information that can assist institutions and accrediting organizations as they address the many challenges of COVID-19. For as long as there have been National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, there have been athletes desperate enough to compete, and colleges desperate enough to win, hunting for ways around the regulations. In no realm is the rule breaking more damaging to the integrity of higher education than in the association's academic rules, which now find themselves susceptible again. Eady’s opinion assumes that any entity claiming to be a college is capable of issuing genuine doctoral degrees, provided that it can produce the barest mist of a holographic image of pillars around itself.

The University aims at achieving higher standards of excellence by setting up a wide range and developed distance education mode in future to offer services to the nationals. There are different committees to look after functioning of Directorate of Distance Education to enhance quality of running programs. The VLE acts as a communication medium and interactive learning tool. Discussion forums, group projects and quizzes keep students engaged and encourage peer interaction. Given how much of today’s working environment requires facilitation through online correspondence, this medium of study is an excellent way to learn essential communication skills by proxy.

Because often no simple “litmus test” is available to gauge whether an accreditor, school or program is legitimate, members of the public act prudently who consult resources such as those CHEA and government bodies cite, and who conduct further inquiries. In this area, not to “look before you leap” can be a costly, painful, and consequential mistake. These fake accrediting agencies may adopt names that are similar to other well known accrediting agencies, and sprinkle legitimate institutions in its list of accredited members. They may even use all the right sounding words in their marketing materials to describe their accrediting standards and review processes. When actually, those accrediting standards and procedures are never put to use and the accreditation is meaningless.

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