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Diploma mills prey both prey on vulnerable individuals, and allow those who are unscrupulous to shinny their way unfairly up the career ladder. On average, master’s degree holders earn 45 percent more than graduates of a bachelor’s program. In general, it takes one to two years to complete a master’s degree from one of the regionally accredited institutions in the United States. Based on the bogus master’s degree, he now qualifies for a raise and possible career advancement. If the employer accepts the bogus degree at face value, it not only unfairly advantages the holder of the fraudulent degree, it also eats away at the other employees’ rationale for devoting time and effort toward legitimate degrees.

The ESED has allocated Rs. 4 billion to provide furniture to schools. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the only province that has allocated budget for its Education Sector Plan in-line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation on education. All are fully resourced and functioning according to the data available at ESED. New books are structured in manner, which will help students in concepts instead of root learning. We also attend some panel discussions on the topic and collect point of view of different educationists and all those who are struggling to improve the education system in Pakistan.

On the other hand, they are concerned they may lack the discipline they need to be successful. The World Wide Web has made information access and distribution of educational content available to a large fraction of the world’s population and helped to move Distance Education to the digital era. DE has become increasingly common in many universities worldwide (Allen & Seaman, 2017). Nonetheless, there are still many universities that do not provide this opportunity because it is not part of their institutional culture. As DE becomes more prevalent, countries and Institutions of Higher Education that do not provide DE courses will need to look at this option to retain and expand their student population. In the United States in 2011, it was found that a third of all the students enrolled in postsecondary education had taken an accredited online course in a postsecondary institution.


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